This is how it all started...

The idea started with a worn-out shirt of Jolijn's husband, a dear souvenir from a trip to the US. Throwing it away was not an option, so there it was, useslessly hanging in the closet. Untill Jolijn decided to upcycle it into a pair of boxershorts.

That one was a big success. And so Jolijn moved on. After all, who doesn't have a shirt with a small stain, a worn collar or a tear, hanging in the closet? Too dear to throw away, and most of the fabric is still perfectly fine and could still serve as boxershorts for years on.

Jolijn further developed this idea. She did not want another underwear factory. She wanted to build something authentic, original and with a good cause. Thus Van Hulley as a social enterprise was born.

The boxer shorts are made by women who want to work but who do not have the necessary qualifications for their ambition on the labor market. At Van Hulley they get working experience. A day and a half every week they go to school in order to get their diploma at the end of the year. From there they can start realizing their dreams. Helped by Van Hulley.

From the moment she started Van Hulley Jolijn has been in a flow. It feels like everything falls into place. "Van Hulley fits exactly in this time frame. There is more focus on sustainability and responsible production. Selling a product that has a unique design and at the same time has a great impact on society, brings out the very best in me."

Not just a sewing workshop where shirts become boxershorts. Not at all. If you are lucky to have a Van Hulley, you're not just wearing a converted shirt: you wear a Van Hulley. The boxers are high quality and have a perfect fit. Moreover, they are so handmade with love. By women you gave a second chance by buying them. The Dutch name says it all: Van Hulley means not only yours but also theirs . It is all about sharing these days, isn't it?

Want to know more? This video explain what we do and how we work!

Van Hulley: from shirt to boxershort

Van Hulley speaking

Van Hulley on tour