I have a shirt with short sleeves.
No problem for women. For men, we need a shirt with long sleeves because we use the cuff for making the fly. But we do have a lot of spare shirts in stock, so we can always find a suitable additional fabric.
There's a tear in my shirt.
Small tears or stains in your shirt are no problem, we can usually work around them. If we do not succeed, we will contact you.
I have no shirt.
We have a lot of worn shirts in stock. If you give us an indication of your preferences in color and pattern, we will keep this in mind as much as possible. You still order at The price for a boxer remains the same. When ordering do not forget to write in the comments box that we should find a shirt for you.
I do not wear boxers.
A Van Hulley is also great for sleeping, try it! Or give a voucher it to someone who does wear boxershorts.
Do you make tight boxers?
No, we do not make tight boxers. The fabric is very different and less suitable for recycling when worn. Furthermore it calls for other machinery and needles. If you do not appreciate the freedom of a loose a boxer during the day, why not try one at night? They are lovely to sleep in. Give it a try...!
I do not have a printer.
Did you order with no printer on hand: no need to panic. Make sure that you write down the order number, and your postal code and streetnumber on the outside of the envelope.
I do not have a Van Hulley envelope.
You can also send your shirt in a regular envelope. The address is Van Hulley , PO Box 412 , 9700 AK , Groningen. Please write down the order number, and your postal code and streetnumber on the outside of the envelope.
I do not know my size.
Maybe this can help you:
How long does it take?
Once your shirt has arrived in our workshop we usually return it within 5 working days. From there on it is in the hands of the postal service.
Can I give a Van Hulley to someone?
It is certainly possible to surprise someone with a genuine Van Hulley. There are two options. 1) You can send in a shirt and indicate another delivery address when ordering. 2) if you are not in possession of a shirt of the person you want to surprise, you can buy a gift certificate in the shop.
Where does the profit/money for my boxers go?
Your money helps us growing Van Hulley and so helping as many women as possible to come and work with us.
From Hulley is a social enterprise , but what is that?
These are companies that want to put the social mission of their business in front of the financial profit. Making money is not the main purpose of our boxers, it is our means to help many women as possible.
How does Van Hulley help the seamstresses ?
Van Hulley is helping the seamstresses by giving them an education and work experience. The women work 16 hours in the studio and spend 12 hours weekly to the ROC Alfa College in Groningen. They follow this training called AKA NNT, after this training they move on to further education , a job or an internship.
Are there only ethnic minority women working at Van Hulley?
Van Hulley is for all women who are distanced from the labor market . At present this is largely immigrant women, but that is certainly not a conscious choice.
Why is it so expensive?
Every shirt and short is different. Therefore the fit of the pattern pieces and cutting is also unique and made by hand . Of course, that's a lot of work.
Why is it so cheap?
Don't ask how we do it - just take advantage of it! (says Mr. Wilner from the Fish Market in Groningen)